This retreat will show you how to travel the world while working remotely

WiFly Nomads is selecting 20 participants to join them in Bali for this exclusive opportunity


WiFly Nomads is excited to show people how they can travel the world while working remotely, during a two-week retreat in Bali, Indonesia. People partaking in this ever-growing trend in the workforce are often referred to as “digital nomads”; people who leverage technology, such as a laptop and stable internet connection, in order to work from anywhere in the world.

During the retreat participants will attend a series of hands-on workshops, hear from influential guest speakers, and go on epic excursions. They’ll get guidance on finding a remote job and will learn how to navigate life as a digital nomad.


Founder Kate Smith explains, “Travel programs keep emerging that bring together existing digital nomads, excluding those who aspire to live this lifestyle. The goal of WiFly Nomads is to break that barrier of entry so that people can transition into this lifestyle with guidance and confidence.”

The retreat is limited to 20 participants to ensure everyone gets the attention and support they need. You can apply for the retreat on the WiFly Nomads website.

What's Included

2 weeks accommodations, 8 workshops on how to earn an income remotely, workshops on how to navigate life as a digital nomad, guest speakers, course material, events, excursions, welcome packages, team building activities, networking event(s), and access to the private Facebook group and Slack channel.

What Participants Will Learn

Navigating the digital nomad lifestyle

The digital nomad movement and mentality, selecting locations, booking flights and accommodations, budgeting, health and safety, insurance, visas, taxes, packing, where to work, what you need to work abroad, finding routine, and other resources.

Finding a remote job

How to convince your employer to let you work remotely (proposal & pitch), where to look and how to apply for remote jobs, getting started as a freelancer, and generating your own income online.

Guest Speakers

WiFly Nomad will have a bunch of guest speakers and workshops presenters and is in the process of securing more speakers. In the meantime here are the confirmed speakers so far.

Daniel DiPiazza


WiFly Nomads is excited to have Daniel DiPiazza join the group in Bali as a guest speaker and workshop presenter, where he'll be sharing with us course material that typical sells for over $1,500! He's founder of Rich20Something, which acquired Under30CEO. He has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, Business Insider, Inc, and Huffington Post. He's wrapping up writing his first book for Penguin Publishers, which means WiFly Nomads participants will get pre-release copies of the book. To top it off, Daniel's got some material that he's never publicly shared, exclusively available to WiFly participants. 


The cost of the program is $4,999 and does not include the flight to Bali.

Why WiFly Nomads

  • Low Cost: Other similar programs can require a $27,000, 1-year commitment.
  • Manageable Time Commitment: We want to ensure the retreat works with your schedule which is why it is 2-weeks long (typical vacation allowance for corporate jobs).
  • Calculated Decision Making: Before you just up and quit you job you can explore the idea of becoming a digital nomad and create a plan, to ensure it’s the right fit for you.
  • Expert Advice: Our team is comprised of digital nomads, which means staff have real-life experience and you are getting expert advice. Where we lack in knowledge, we fly in experts to guide you to ensure you get the best quality content.
  • Quality Support and Service: We’re here to provide you with a smooth transition into the digital nomad lifestyle and your success and satisfaction is most important to us.

Ready to make the transition to life as a digital nomad? Apply for WiFly Nomads.


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