Career & Lifestyle Mentoring


We shouldn't shape our lifestyle around our career, we should shape our career around our lifestyle. 

Start living a more fulfilling life by living your ideal lifestyle.

With so much information available online, it can be overwhelming or hard to know where to start when it comes to living the digital nomad lifestyle.

Why not have someone with first-hand experience guide you along the way? 

Mentoring sessions are personally designed to get you from cubicle to living a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. We create a custom 'Escape Plan' (aka digital nomad game plan) so you can start working remotely while traveling the world.

I'm there every step of the way to help you:

  • Get you started earning an income remotely:

  • Applying for remote jobs

    1. Convincing your boss to let you work remotely

    2. Launching an online business

    3. Getting started as a freelancer

  • Overcome challenges from mindset to resistance from family and friends.

  • Move past blocks, barriers, and areas of resistance.

  • Keep you on track and accountable.

  • Have you taking action.


I'm Kate. Here to Show You The Way.


After years of working as a Project Manager at some of the largest advertising agencies, working with companies such as Clorox, Johnson & Johnson, and the Canadian Government, I knew I needed to make a change.

That's when I booked a one-way ticket to Prague to start my digital nomad journey with a program called Remote Year. I was one of 75 accepted among 25,000 applicants to join the inaugural program. 

I'm a freelance marketer, blogger, and online business owner. I've lived in over 14 countries around the world, having traveled to 23+ countries. That means you're getting mentored by someone with first-hand experience.

My expertise for travel and the digital nomad lifestyle has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, BBC, CCN Travel (coming soon), and even in the Etihad Airways in-flight magazine!

Since making the leap, life has never been the same and I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible live more fulfilling and passionate lives. 

We shouldn't shape our lifestyles around our career, we should shape our career around our lifestyles. And now with the rise of people working remotely, it's becoming possible to make working remotely while traveling the world a reality.

Ready to Invest in Yourself?

You will receive a free 1-hour discovery session to first explore if there is a fit and to give you the opportunity to experience a session before you commit to a program. There is no pressure to join after the free session and it is completely up to you if you decide to proceed with a coaching program.

With my coaching experience, I've learned that passively trying to become a digital nomad doesn't lead to success. You need to be dedicated and all in, which is why I require a 3 month commitment. I find that timeline is usually enough to see significant changes/moves.

We intensively dive into launching you into this nomadic lifestyle, which includes:

  • Me, personally at your disposal: This means I am at your disposal to help you update and review resumes, your LinkedIn, outreach emails etc (and I mean right away. Usually immediately to within 48 hours) so that we can get moving and help you maintain progress.

  • Weekly 1:1 sessions

  • Weekly action items

  • Accountability followup

  • Access to worksheets and resources to help you along

  • Access to my personal WhatsApp: so you always have access to me, and so I can send you inspiration/useful resources as they come along

  • Access to my network and connections: As your coach, I am personally invested in you. This means if I take you on, that I fully believe in your capabilities. This means I will use my own connections and network to help you get ahead. I know a lot of nomads and a lot of people in this space and trust me, this has helped others get further ahead than you can on your own.

  • Help promoting/expanding your reach: Again, by personally investing in you, you better believe any opportunity I come across, you will know, anything I can do to help promote you, it will happen (with in reason of course). But I'm proud to share your accomplishments and what you do with my audience of over thousands of people. But to be honest, that doesn't matter as much as my network and connections do.

  • Fast Track Your Knowledge: I'll just keep it simple that with my experience living this lifestyle over the last 2.5 years, I've learned A LOT about this lifestyle. This is invaluable because it'll save you a lot of time and money than figuring it out on your own.

Who I Work With

I only work with high achievers. If I take you on, I'm not here to waste time and I expect you to give 110%.

If you just want to be inspired check out YouTube, there's lots of inspiring videos on there. I'm here to help you make your dream of working remotely while traveling the world a reality.

If you've never invested in yourself before, chances are we aren't a good fit.

If you think $997 is expensive, then let me ask you this, how are things working for you? Where are you at in life? Exactly. If you want to live the lifestyle that I live every day of working remotely while traveling the world and you're not where you want to be then it's time to make some changes.

My journey wasn't easy to get here and it has humble beginnings, so trust me, I feel the discomfort on making a bold decision, which is why I think you should listen to my story, and I think you'll realize I relate to you more than you think. You can listen to this Podcast I was interviewed for or this Huffington Post article I was featured in.


$997 USD/ month - 3 month commitment. 

Ready to explore a whole new way of living?

All coaching sessions and inquiries are confidential.