Hi, I’m Katelyn Smith - The Remote Nomad!

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Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Saying Goodbye to Cubicle Life

My name is Katelyn Smith and I am a digital nomad. That means I work remotely while traveling the world. 

Although my life has always been an adventure, from appearing in a music video, to being in a reality TV show, to meeting celebrities. However, in another way my life was following a typical life path. I went to University and graduated with a business degree. Landing my first job at an advertising agency was exciting for me but after 3 and a half years, I realized most of my time and days were spent in a cubicle (not the riveting life I had imagined for myself). With only 10 days vacation a year, I found myself living my whole year for those 10 days - the only chance I would get to travel.

The first thing I did to help me self-reflect "where to go from here?" was taking a trip to volunteer in Kenya with an organization called Me to We. That trip changed my life. I still felt lost as to where to go from there but I knew deeper and stronger in my heart that something had to change.

I knew my job wasn't allowing me to live the life I dreamed of and I knew a career change was likely in order (so I thought). To help me figure out what that meant, I made a criteria of the things my next job would have to offer and from there I would research every option until I found the answer. I have to be honest, I knew my list seemed far fetched and nearly impossible (and that's coming from an optimist). However, my optimist side took over telling me that "anything is possible". So here is the criteria I made that my next job had to offer:

  • Work-life balance
  • Travel long-term
  • No more cubicles
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle (sitting in a cubicle for 8-9 hours a day is not healthy or natural)
  • Make money (gotta pay those bills)

After months of research, it seemed my only option was to teach English abroad. So, I started taking my TESOL course. Then, one day the most miraculous thing to ever happen to me happened. Browsing through Facebook I saw a Fast Company article appear in my newsfeed reading, "Want to work while traveling the world for a year? This startup may be able to help." It was literally the answer I had been looking for. After reading the article I thought "wow, this might actually be possible." I went to the Remote Year website and submitted my e-mail to be notified when they were going to start accepting applications. Long story short: I applied to Remote Year. I got accepted. I booked a one way ticket to Prague. I packed my bags. I then started working remotely and traveling the world. The best part is - I've learned how to continue to work remotely and travel the world, even when I finish the program. How awesome is that?

My dream was far fetched but I figured out how to do it (with the help of Remote Year of course). People constantly say to me how this is their dream too, which inspired me to created this blog to help show people how they can work remotely and travel the world as well.

My Travel Philosophy

I believe travelling is:

  • not a reward for working but an education for living
  • the only thing you will pay for that will make you richer!

I believe travelling will:

  • impact and change your life in ways you’ve never imagined
  • make you feel as though you're truly living and not just simply existing

Helping You Travel The World

The purpose of my blog is to show you how you can achieve a lifestyle where you work remotely while traveling the world, along with some travel tips to help you along the way. Follow my journey and be inspired. I am truly passionate about helping people learn how to become digital nomads. There is always a way to make it happen so send me an e-mail and an excuse and I will give you a solution.

How I Afford To Travel The World

How do I afford it?

I work remotely doing online marketing. You can learn more about what I do at my website www.KatelynSmithWorks.com, which admitly hasn't been updated in forever so take it with a grain of salt. Feel free to get in touch if you want to put me to work!

I also run this blog, The Remote Nomad.

I also run an lifestyle travel program WiFly Nomads. It's a journey to creating a freedom lifestyle that not only shows you how to work remotely and travel the world as a digital nomad, but goes deeper into the core of our passions and how we can live more fulfilling and purposeful lives. It's a total life transformation, where you will create the life you've always dreamed of for yourself.

Don't worry, you can afford to travel the world too - i'll show you how in my blog!

Remote Year

June 2015 I embarked on a year-long journey with a program called Remote Year. This means I worked remotely, while spending 1 month at a time in 11 different countries. I was joined by 70 other professionals, from different countries, different companies and all with different jobs. We are the lucky 75 out of the 25,000 applicants. And boy do I count my blessing every day for that. 

Here are the locations I traveled to while on Remote Year. We went to a new country every month for a year.

1) Prague, Czech Republic
2) Ljubljana, Slovenia
3) Cavtat, Croatia
4) Istanbul, Turkey

5) Penang, Malaysia (But I spent most of my time this month in Bali, Indonesia)
6) Koh Phangan, Thailand
7) Hanoi, Vietnam
8) Kyoto, Japan 

South America
9) Buenos Aires, Argentina
10) Montevideo, Uruguay
11) Santiago, Chile
12) Lima, Peru

Finally and most importantly, THANK YOU for checking out my blog! I'm grateful that you've decided to spend some time here. Enjoy!! 

Some Random Facts

  • I've been to 23 countries
  • I know some Spanish and Sign Language
  • My favourite place I've traveled to is Bali, Indonesia
  • Hawaii is the most beautiful places I've been to (Trinidad is a close second)
  • Beach is better than city
  • Sunsets are better than sunrises
  • I lived with a local family in Mexico for 6 weeks, while attending a University there

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