The Digital Nomad Wish List


When everything a digital nomad owns has to fit the weight and size restrictions of a suitcase - it can be hard to think of what to give them as a gift. That's why I created the Digital Nomad Wish List/Gift Guide. The "Wish List" part gives you permission to just get this all for yourself, guilt-free! The "Gift Guide" part give you permission to ask for all of this. 

These 11 must-have items are 'digital nomad approved' and cover everything from practical, to sentimental, and even include price points that are friendly for every budget.


1. The Roost Laptop Stand is just absolutely incredible. As a digital nomad, we're always on our laptops but that can bad ergonomically because our laptops aren't at our eye level. With this stand, not only will you be more ergonomic when working, but It's lightweight and compact, making this perfect for digital nomads. $74.95 via Amazon.

2. Being productive is an essential part of succeeding as a digital nomad. The Productivity Planner is perfect to keep you on track and productive. It includes tasks lists and reflection of weekly wins, incomplete tasks, what you learned and what your focus will be for the upcoming week. $24.95 USD via Amazon.


3. A Travel Scale has been the biggest lifesaver for me when traveling. Airports will charge you if your luggage is overweight (not always, but most likely). Overage fees will usually cost you $100 or there's the alternative of spending 30 minutes in front of the check-in person trying to figure out on the spot what items you can ditch. The scale is lightweight and compact enough that you'll barely notice the difference in terms of added weight or space in your carry on or suitcase. $10.99 USD via Amazon.


4. Donate to a Country Specific Cause. A unique gift and a gift that many digital nomads, and travellers for that matter, would love is a donation in their name to a cause specific to the country they are in or an international cause that has had an impact on them. For example, if they recently volunteered for a cause or mentioned a world issue going on that’s dear to their heart, take note. The child on the bike is to signify giving access to bikes/bike donations. This can be from animal rights, human rights, education - whatever you so choose.


5. This is more of a less practical gift, but a Coordinates Cuff could be a really thoughtful gift of your travellers or digital nomads hometown coordinates or coordinates of their favourite location in the world. $16.95 USD via Amazon.


6. When it comes to taking calls or trying to focus while working abroad, Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones are the perfect gift. Remember, we're not always working in a quiet office so having noise canceling headphones to drown out all background noise can help us concentrate. $349 USD via Amazon.


7. One of my absolute must have and favourite travel items are Packing Cubes! They make packing and unpacking so easy - especially if you have to search for something while you're mid-transit. You can easily pull out your cubes and have everything organized and unpacked. $21.99 via Amazon.


8. If anything will inspire both aspiring and existing digital nomads, it's The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. I love this book because it's action-oriented and full of great resources to help you earn an income remotely and have more work-life balance. $21.40 USD via Amazon.


9. Have an aspiring digital nomad or a digital nomad with a big goal? The Freedom Journal is a journal that guides you in accomplishing your #1 goal in 100 days. You'll create goals and an action plan, review your day and plan for tomorrow, and it includes 10-day sprints and quarterly reviews to break down your progress. $26.99 via Amazon.


10. The Travel Scratch Map isn't necessarily great for those on the road, but it's a nice decor piece that showcases all the places you've been. $18.89 USD via Amazon.


11. I can not stress enough how genius the Electronic Cable Organizer is, regardless of how simple it seems. So often I pull a knot of cords from my bag - from my cell phone charger, computer charger, earbuds, kindle charger - it doesn't end. This is a really simple way to keep your tech cables organized. $12.99 via Amazon.

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This blog contains affiliate links because running a blog ain't cheap. But all of products that I have listed are products I have or want. I would never recommend something to you that I don't believe in myself.