The Top 10 Apps That Every Digital Nomad Needs


Before I begin, I am going to assume everyone's phone is already equipped with a weather app and calendar app. To make your life easier for both working remotely and traveling the world, here are the top 10 apps that every digital nomad needs.

Work Hard Anywhere - Where to Work Abroad

This app couldn't be more perfect for digital nomads. As a digital nomad in a foreign country, it can be hard to find the perfect place to work. Search filters on this app search spots to work based on wifi, power outlets, outdoor seating, trending places, popular places, cafes, libraries, co-working spaces and more. By clicking on a location that interests you, you can get a quick overview of the place from photos, operating hours, wifi rating (including speed test results), price rating and more. It also includes tips from users who have actually been. 


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Time Buddy - Time Zone Converter

When you are working abroad and managing clients and meetings in multiple time zones, this app is the best. You can visually convert dates and times across multiple time zones. 


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FourSquare - Find the Best Restaurants

One of my biggest challenges while in other countries is finding a good spot to eat, without spending a ton of time searching. And oftentimes, with my luck, once I found somewhere it's far from that "hidden gem" that I was looking for. On FourSquare restaurants and bars are rated based on real people's experience and you can even follow your friends and see which places they've been to and what they rated it. You can access tips for wifi passwords, speakeasy entrances, and more. You can even track where you've been so there's no more trying to remember the name of that delicious spot you found in Thailand - with FourSquare you can easily pull that information.


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Google Translate

This goes without saying, having something that will translate for you is essential. What makes Google translate so great in particular is that it can translate when you have no Internet, you can use your camera to translate text instantly (think street signs or menus), the conversation mode allows for two-way instant speech translation (life saver!) and you can even draw characters instead of using the keyboard.


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Uber - To Get Around

If you don't already use Uber, you are missing out. This is the best way to ensure you don't get ripped off by cab drivers abroad, which is very common. You'll pay about half the rate of what you would of a taxi and you can even split the fare with friends. The feature I like best is how it's setup to accommodate airport picks up perfectly - and this is the spot where taxi drivers will really rip you off abroad. You can pick you terminal and door number so the driver know exactly where to get you from. There are some countries where Uber operates but there are conflicts with Taxi drivers so to remain discreet, if you're requested to sit in the front to make it look less obvious, don't think the Uber driver is being weird.


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WhatsApp - Calling & Messaging

WhatsApp is very common abroad. In fact, in South America, I found more people used WhatsApp than a standard phone/texting plan, and in particular they would use the voice notes features. WhatsApp runs off your data plan or wifi and with it you can message, make free calls (long-distances too), send photos, videos and voice messages and what I love most is you can "drop a pin" to send friends the coordinates of your exact location so they can just hit the link and automatically be given directions how to get to you.


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Hopper - Flight Cost Predictions

Hopper predicts the best time to fly and buy. You simply pick your destination and a calendar will come up with various colours, indicating when prices are anticipated to rise or fall based on search volumes and other analytics.


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XE Currency Exchange

XE Currency is a quick way to pull currency conversions abroad. You can select up to 10 currencies.


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Padlock - Password Manager

As a digital nomad working abroad, it's important your information and work are secure. Password managers help you keep track of your passwords by providing a secure storage that is protected by a single master password. This is a more secure way of managing your passwords instead of having the same password for everything.


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International SOS Assistance - Safety

If you (or sometimes even your parents) are nervous about your safety abroad this app should address those concerns. With this app, you do have to be a member which could run you $500 a year. It will give you alerts based on the country you are in - so if something is about to go down you will get an alert. It also gives a great country overview from understanding if you can drink the water, to local emergency numbers, to general safety. You'll also have access to their helpline so if anything happens you can call the number and get help from their team. This is an added comfort for solo travellers.


This blog contains affiliate links, although all the apps are free...

What are you favourite apps for working remotely and traveling the world? Let me know in the comments below.

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