The Most Surprising Jobs That Let You Work Remotely

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Many people want to work remotely but quickly come to the conclusion that their job isn't conducive to remote work. But have you ever really looked to see if it is possible? Many people make the assumption that they won't be able to land a remote job, without even trying to get creative or actually putting in the effort of looking. Whether it's convincing your boss to let you work remotely or applying to remote only jobs online, it can be possible. To prove my point, here is a list of the most surprising jobs that let you work remotely. And let me just say, if a Pediatric Neurologist or Geographer can go remote, so can you.

Certified Behavioral Health Drug and Alcohol Group Counselor

Work from home assisting individuals who are going through drug/alcohol recovery. Must have a bachelor's degree, 2+ years' experience, and hold the state/national certifications as an addiction professional. Part-time to full-time opportunity. $25/hour

Specialty Content Physician Editor - Pediatric Neurology

Seeking a candidate with five years of experience and a doctorate degree to engage with a team to review specialty content. A current, active board certification is required along with strong analytical and clinical skills. Contract/remote position.

Comic Book Layout Artist

The Comic Book Layout Artist is responsible for working on touch-up and lettering assignments on a freelance, work-for-hire basis. Must have experience working directly from art pages/photostats and with digital data. Samples/portfolio preferred.

Legal Correspondent

Seeking contract, work-from-home legal correspondent. Requires experience with legal proceedings, strong writing skills, background in law or journalism, understanding of law, legal trends, and courtroom litigation, and interviewing skills.


Work from home opportunity. Process prescriptions, check for accuracy and drug interactions, and respond to inquiries. Must be a registered pharmacist in the state of CA with the ability to work autonomously. Basic MS Office skills required.

TV Analyst

Full-time work-from-home position. Will be responsible for matching program information, verifying data accuracy, and identifying discrepancies. Candidates must have strong analytical skills and customer service experience. MS Office skills needed.


Monitor progress of team with development and implementation of geographic assignments. Analyze information requirements. Degree or equiv. exp. required. Full-time and long-term temporary role. Telecommute option. Pays $92,145 - $119,794 yearly.

Art Writer

Freelance art writer needed to write reviews of current art exhibitions throughout New York City. A working knowledge of contemporary art needed. Published work experience preferred. Work from home.

Translator and Subtitler (English, Italian)

Translate Japanese content (live-action titles and QC anime) from English to Italian and manga to Italian. Must speak fluent Italian and understand Japanese content. Part time, freelance position. Option for remote or San Francisco office.

Writer - Comics, Video Games, Nerdy TV and Movie Franchises

Seeking a writer for a telecommute, freelance job conducting research, pitching story ideas, and developing content. Must have strong writing skills, a passion for and knowledge of comics, video games, and movies, and hour flexibility.

Find a Remote Job

Find a Remote Job

FlexJobs has remote job postings for over 55 job categories. From retail, sales, food & beverage, legal, data entry, events, fashion and more. It's $14.95 a month but well worth it, especially if you are looking for something beyond the typical designer and developer roles. I also personally used FlexJobs when I was looking for a remote job so I can speak from experience. 

Convince your Boss to let you Work Remotely

You can download my remote work proposal template. It will help you build a case when convincing your boss to let you work remotely.

Let me know how your remote job search is going or how you landed your remote job in the comments below. I personally respond to all comments.

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