The Remote Year Application Process

A group of remote year participants in vietnam

A group of remote year participants in vietnam

Many people know about Remote Year by now. A program that takes 75 professionals who work remotely, on an around the world trip. They travel together to 12 countries in 12 months, hitting up Europe, Asia and South America... all while working along the way. I explained the application process in a previous blog post, but clearly stuffing that information in another blog doesn't make it easy to find. That being said, I've created this blog post.

There are 4 phases to the applications process.

Phase 1: Quick Intro

What it is: A quick, tell us a bit about yourself phase. You can see the exact questions to apply here.
Cost: Free

Phase 2: Detailed Application

What it is: A more detailed application that you need to complete. Specifically, it asked:

  • Why do you want to go on Remote Year?
  • What unique aspect do you bring to the table for the Remote Year community?
  • What is your remote work experience?
  • Explain your current job.
  • Provide any additional information you think is important for them to know.

Cost: $50
Why the fee: They want to make sure you're serious about the application. Apparently, now, if you don't get accepted to the next round, your $50 fee will be refunded to you.

Phase 3: Interview

What it is: The Interview. My interview was pretty laid back and more of a "tell me about yourself approach". However, I know people who were interviewed and asked more specific questions. I will share in another blog post how I prepared for my interview.

Cost: Free

Phase 4: Acceptance

What it is: If you get accepted, congrats! Over 25,000 people applied for to be a part of the first group, and that was when no one really knew about it or if it was "legit". Now that people know it's legit and with more media coverage in BuzzFeedBusiness Insider, and The Guardian (among some), I am sure that number has increased with each round of applications.

Cost: When I applied this was only $3,000 USD but according to their website the price seems to have gone up to $5,000 USD down payment. Why? I have no idea. In addition, you will pay $2,000 USD per month. Remember, this covers your events, accommodations, flights etc. Compare that to the cost of living in somewhere like New York or Vancouver and it's not so bad. Is it tough to afford that each month? Yes, especially if you are Canadian, Australian or Brazilian, since the value of our dollar sucks against the American dollar. Is it worth it though? Absolutely.

The Timeline

Here is the timeline for my application process from start to finish:

  • Nov/Dec, 2014 (I think it was) I submitted my email to be notified when they would start accepting applications
  • Dec 17, 2014: Applications open
  • Jan 14, 2015: Acceptance to round 2
  • March 27, 2015: Interview
  • March 30: Accepted to Remote Year

It was 3 month process but that shouldn't happen with future programs. It took longer than anticipated because they didn't anticipated 25,000 people to apply but now they have staff dedicated to this process.

How to Get Accepted and Stand Out

Now that you know the application process, you are probably wondering how you can get accepted. In my next blog post I will outline How to Get Accepted to Remote Year. In the meantime, here is a copy of my actual application that I submitted to Remote Year that led to my acceptance into the program. Hopefully you'll find it useful should you decide to apply to Remote Year.

What do you want to know about applying to Remote Year? Let me know in the comments below.

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