Where to Find Your Digital Nomad Community


Whether you are a current digital nomad or are looking to transition into this lifestyle, there are many reasons to want to connect with the digital nomad community. Before I became a digital nomad, I had no idea where to start in terms of trying to connect with this group of people, who was dispersed across the world. Since this lifestyle is increasing in popularity, there are more and more resources which allow you to connect with other digital nomads, online and in person. Below are some great resources to help you connect. 

If you are an existing digital nomad:

  • Being a digital nomad can be lonely and it's nice to find other digital nomads that "get you" and that you can work and explore countries with.

If you are interested in becoming a digital nomad:

  • These are great places to get advice about this lifestyle and finding jobs as well.
  • Diving into this community will make your transition into life as a digital nomad less overwhelming.
  • I found that once I entered into this digital nomad community, it was much easier to find remote job positions.

Facebook Group: Digital Nomads Around The World

Digital Nomads Around the World is a large Facebook group that you can request to join. With almost 8,000 members, it's an easy way to connect with other digital nomads. If you search "digital nomads" on Facebook you will see other groups as well, such as, Webworktravel - Digital Nomad Network and Digital Nomad Girls.

Hashtag Nomads

Hashtag Nomads is based on Slack. If you are not already familiar with Slack, you should familiarize yourself with it. It's a common and popular communication platform that divides conversation topics into "channels". Hashtag nomads covers a variety of topics related to life as a digital nomad, from specific locations (Bali, Thailand etc) to housing, jobs, legal, blogging etc. There is a one-time fee of $65. That gives you a lifetime membership to http://NomadList.com (find places to go), https://HashtagNomads.com (chat), http://NomadForum.io (ask questions) and https://NomadTrips.co (plan your trips and meet others at the places you go). It's well worth the one time fee, in my opinion. 


Nomadbase is a real-time map of where digital nomad are around the world. You can select people based on location and view their short profile and contact information. This gives you a chance to reach out to people nearby or in locations you are interested in. Friends will show up in green and other nomads will show up in grey. 

Coworking Spaces

Digital nomads flock to cafes and coworking spaces. Your surest bet to find digital nomads are at coworking spaces. You can google "coworking spaces in (insert location here)" and I am sure you will come up with a list of results. Otherwise, the Facebook page and Hashtag Nomads site I listed above will be helpful in discovering where coworking space are. Some cool coworking spaces to get you started are:

  • Poligon coworking space. Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia (my favourite coworking space to date).
  • Locus coworking space. Located in Prague, Czech Republic (great city for a digital nomad lifestyle).
  • Dojo coworking space. Located in Canggu, Bali. (I went to visit this location but never got a chance to work from here. It has a really cool vibe though - and a pool!).
  • Hubud coworking space. Located in Ubud, Bali. (this was too expensive for me but apparently has a great reputation).

Do you know of even more great places to connect with digital nomads? Leave it in the comments section below! 

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