Featured Retreat: Learn How to Work Remotely While Traveling The World


WiFly Nomads is a 2-week retreat in Bali where you will learn how to work remotely and travel the world. This includes helping you find a remote job. There will be hands-on workshops, influential guest speakers, and excursions. Join us in Bali for this amazing experience hosted by yours truly, Kate Smith from The Remote Nomad.


How It All Started

I've been to 23 countries, worked in over 13 countries. I travelled on a program called Remote Year, alongside 75 other interesting professionals, where we lived, worked remotely and traveled the world. 12 countries. 12 months. Has it stopped there? No. Being a digital nomad is a lifestyle. A destination with no end. I'm here to show you can live a digital nomad lifestyle too.

Traveling will change your life and your perspective. You will feel small and insignificant but powerful and alive. There's a crazy, chaotic part of the world where people exist but they're not truly alive. My goal is to inspire people to take action, live their dreams and in turn feel truly alive. Why? Because when you feel alive it makes the world a better place and it's contagious. If I can inspire you, your actions will inspire the next person. You see? It's a never ending cycle of awesome-ness. Yes, traveling is not the only way to feel alive but it's one damn good way to.

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