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Worksheets and Bundles

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The Ultimate Remote Resume Bundle

Create a killer resume that stands out among the competition and save time while applying to remote jobs.

  • Remote Resume Templates (x2). Save a ton of time with these resume templates designed specifically for remote jobs.

  • Real-Life Examples of Remote Resumes (x6). Not sure if your resume is on track? Check out these real-life examples.

  • Remote Resume Checklist: Don't make mistakes that cost you the job. This checklist will make sure you haven't missed anything on your resume.

  • Job Application Tracking Worksheet: Applying to jobs is chaotic enough but with this worksheet you can make sure you're organized during the remote job hunt.

$97 USD. NOW $27 USD

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Remote Work Proposal Template

Convince your employer to let you work remote!

It's critical that you create a well thought out proposal if you want to get your boss on board with letting you work remotely. Download this professional 9-page remote work proposal document which includes they key information you need to get your boss on board, from common objections, feasibility and a remote work plan.

It even includes cheat notes to guide you in updating the document based. Don't pitch empty handed, use the proposal template to create a killer pitch that will get your boss on board to working remotely.

$67 USD. NOW $37 USD


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Remote Work Accelerator Course: How to Land a Remote Job or Become a Freelancer

Successfully land a remote job or launch your freelance business.

Our most comprehensive online course teaching you the most popular methods for earning an income remotely.

Learn step-by-step how to stand out and successfully land a legitimate remote job, even with no remote work experience, and how to build an online freelance business to support your lifestyle.

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How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Remotely Training Bundle

Turn your boss into a champion of remote work with this training bundle.

  • 10-Part Video Training Guiding You Step-by-Step Through the Process. Includes 7 Steps to Get Your Boss on Board.

  • Learn the 7 Steps to Get Your Boss on Board.

  • A Complete List of Possible Objections and How to Overcome Them.

  • 3 Alternative Options to Going Remote.

  • HOW to Approach and Pitch your Boss with Confidence so it Feels like a Win-Win.

  • Additional Worksheets! Including the Remote Work Proposal Template, A Real-Life Example, Remote Transition Timeline, Transition Plan and more!

  • The Biggest Mistakes People Make and How to Avoid Them